Why We Love Them

Everyone knows milk comes from cows, right?  Well yes it does but the taste of that milk relies on our lovely cows grazing from nutritious West Country pastures. That is why we source local milk from Friesian, Jersey and Guernsey cows as close as possible to our beautiful home on the edge of Dartmoor.


DairyStix are perfect for a range of uses whether you are running a guesthouse, hotel, managing the milk for your office staff room, an event or conference organiser, catering or foodservice supplier, the beauty of DairyStix is you only ever use the milk you need. The six month shelf life gives plenty longevity for even the smallest users and the reassurance that you need never run out of milk.


Because of the way we package DairyStix it takes up less space and is more efficient than traditional jiggers. To put this in context 7 pallets of DairyStix hold more portions than 16 pallets of jiggers which means we have a much reduced impact on the environment not just in minimising packaging but in the number of lorries we need on the road to deliver our product.


The Process
Each DairyStix contains milk and nothing but milk. Thanks to the sophisticated way we pasteurise our milk, we achieve a great taste with long-life ambient distribution. We promise you will love the taste of DairyStix too.

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