MILK is the Message. UHT is the process.

You may have heard a lot of myths about UHT dairy products, and the scary anagrams. For example; it doesn’t stand for ‘Using Hazardous Treatments’ or ‘Unusually Harmful Tampering’ or even ‘Udder Hard Torture’. It is a simple process that produces milk with all the benefits of pasteurised, but long life and no fridge required…..what’s not to like!!

Thus, UHT milk undergoes the same process stages as pasteurised milk, which means heated then cooled. Pasteurised is heated at 72° C  for 15 seconds and left to cool. UHT is the same process but simply different temperature and time treatment. To explain further UHT  is produced using raw milk, which is then heated up to 135° C for 4 seconds and then cooled in a short time. The milk is aseptically packaged, this treatment destroys the microorganisms which lead to acidification (sourness) of the milk without damaging the original nutrients that make milk the power food source it is (protein, calcium, vitamins), since they are not destroyed by short-term exposure to high temperatures the benefits of milk are never lost in this treatment. By aseptically packaging the milk it also protects against harmful bacteria and external influence. 

It should be emphasised that UHT milk retains all the basic value’s that we know pasteurised milk contains, and makes MILK the Power House food source that should be in every individuals diet, young and old. MILK is the Message, and UHT is the process.  

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