DairyStix are available from leading food-service delivery companies near you!

DairyStix return to the market has continued to grow, with three leading food-service wholesalers now offering DairyStix. Availability means that you can buy DairyStix on-line through the major on-line retailers as well as the major food-service wholesalers.

Because of the way we package DairyStix it takes up less space and is more efficient than traditional jiggers. To put this in context 7 pallets of DairyStix hold more portions than 16 pallets of jiggers this means we have a much reduced impact on the environment and food waste, whilst promoting  convenience and space saving properties.  Thanks to the sophisticated way we pasteurise the milk, we are able to achieve a great taste with long-life ambient distribution.

Where to Buy:


Next Day Coffee


Out of Eden



DairyStix are the only British UHT portion pack. So if it doesn’t say DairyStix it isn’t British milk!

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